March 2015

Interesting platform, but missing implementation here

  • By: JAmiga
  • Posted on: 21 March 2015

In my last blog entry (which was ages ago, I know!), I bragged about my OpenJDK efforts. Or bragged is perhaps not the word, but, I mentioned it. I sadly haven't had time to do much about OpenJDK lately, or my Amiga for that matter. But now things at work, and in my new house (yay!) are starting to go back to normal, giving me some time to tinker with JAmiga and OpenJDK.

And this is what I'm currently greeted with:

Virtual filesystems ... done.

So after quite some silence (and a lot of business trips and other stuff, which kept me away from AROS), I'll post an update for you ;):

From time to time I found a few free minutes, so I could implement all the missing virtual filesystem pieces step by step.