Why "Court of the Universe" and why this blog?

  • By: bborsari
  • Posted on: 23 February 2011

I chose to call my blog "Court of the Universe" after one of the locations of the 1915 PanAmerican worlds fair.  I always liked the names people gave things in the past, they instilled a sense of grandeur simply by what they called it.  In reality it was a temporary structure build of chicken wire and stucco but for the year it was around it raised the hopes and dreams of those who came to pay it homage.  Built in a time when America was a raising force in the world, tucked on the wrong side to two oceans and the land of hopes and opportunities.  It's the perfect place for a "Court of the Universe" to exist.  Now we call things "FedEX field" or "AT&T Park", reminders of power of the name in a difference sense.

As to why this blog, I'll starting by saying I SUCK at writing, some of the most creatively wrong things I have personally read come from my IM sessions.  Amazing what a misspelled word in the right place can do.  Second, I've got a bunch of hobbies and I find information then forget it.  By having a place to track what I've done I'm hoping I can use it as a personal reminder.  Who knows, maybe I can add to the value of the world at the same time.  I hope to have technology posts, information about my car (the interesting one), my D&D activity, my Amiga computers and what ever else I want to record.