Its all about the details

Well some work on my hobby, its all about the details.
I'm going back to basic's I know many people like it simple, and are not so interested in all PNG images fancy bling bling, so going back to old colors and styles.
I was looking at workbench prefs and style called XEN, this where you have depth border and you have normal 3d border inside, to make it look like button or fame is not above but inside.
I liked this effect, and so I looked at ways to added it to borders.

Also some work on the selector box has been done, it was not correctly rendered, one pixel wrong there not rendered correct when scroll bar was inside the menu.

I have also worked on the prefs, I have rearrange, the visual effects, so they are nicely grouped by menu and toolbar.
I have also fund a few bugs, they are gone.