Amiga: The TiNA Project (Tecnologia iNformatica Amica)

(logo taken from the homepage of the TiNA Project)

(logo taken from the homepage of the TiNA Project)

Hi everyone,

From Italy comes an ambitious and interesting project called TiNA (Tecnologia Informatica Amica).

TiNA is a new board that is being designed and developed in Italy by a team of Amiga enthusiasts. Their main goal is to make a complete implementation of the Amiga 500 and/or Amiga 1200 by the use of powerful FPGAs. They want to make this come true with a 68020 CPU that is even more powerful than any existing 68060 CPU. It’ll be able to execute 2 in-order instructions per clock cycle, but at 400 (!) MHz instead of 50. On their website they state that there is a lot of work to do when it comes to this and they need to investigate fully if the FPGA will allow such features.

Just like the old Amiga tradition, there will be several independent FPGAs to  handle sound, graphics and so forth.

They aim to maintain full backward compatibility, which I think is great.

As far as I’ve understood, they are bringing up AROS Vision 68k as an OS for this computer, which is a good choice.

(picture taken from the official homepage of the TiNA Project)

(picture taken from the official homepage of the TiNA Project)

I really hope these guys can pull this off, especially after what happened to the Natami-project. If they do, I’ll be first in line to purchase one or more boards. :D

If you’d like to check out TiNA further, please have a look at the official website of the project:

The latest news can be found here:

Let’s cross our fingers and wish the developers the best of luck with TiNA! This must succeed! :)

Thanks for reading and for visiting my blog. Until next time! :)