The AmiVerse?!? What is it?

What  is  the  AmiVerse?  In the beginning of Amigadom, there was the Amiga
computer.   No  number, with AmigaDOS as its operating system.  It just had
color  graphics,  sound,  and could run many visible, high-level tasks (not
just  processes) at once, right out of the box.  That capability was called
mutli-tasking.   It  amazed those who first experienced it's uses at a time
when  all  else  just  had  green-screen or black-and-white everything in silence.

Then came the A1000, the original Amiga with a number and more stuff, then
the A500, A2000 - and Amigadom was created.  These were computers complete with great packaging, printed manuals (remember?), software, hardware add-ons, magazines (officially, AmigaWorld, and many others), stores from which you could buy them, and user groups that expanded, extended and otherwise taught the users, turning them into a unique community.

That  community  persists today, 16 years after Commodore Amiga effectively
left  the  scene,  still  developing,  still bringing out new products, and still innovative beyond the ken of the usual desktop computer.

Today,  Amiga  continues as very much of a community effort.  We have these
options today (in alpha numeric order):

Amiga Classic 3.x
AmigaOS 4.x

Each  of  these has communities to support and realize different visions of
the  "spirit"  of  Amiga, from original Amiga Classic systems & software to
the  three  development  branches  (&  more  under  emulation!).  Thus, the
AmiVerse,  with  galaxies  of differing views but in the same "universe" of

What is that "spirit" of Amiga?  A future blog post will address that
enlivening "spirit" that makes our community unique and vibrant.

So  be  sure  to  watch  this  blog for the latest in AmiWest 2013 news and
details.   Every  year  gets better - but it won't be better for YOU unless
you  attend.   Reserve  October  16-20, 2013 on your calendar and make your
plans  to  attend the Second Programming Conference (16-18) and the AmiWest
2013  show  (18 PM - 20), the Amiverse show on the West coast of the USA at
the   Holiday   Inn   Express,  2224  Auburn  Blvd.,  Sacramento,  CA  Tel:
916.923.1100.  You don't want to miss it!