36 Days To AmiWest 2013!

Yes, by actual count, there are 36 days left until the second
AmigaOS Programming Seminar commences. Then 2 1/2 days later,
AmiWest 2013 begins.

Many of us have spent a lot of time and energy preparing for you
to come and experience the AmiVerse at AmiWest 2013. So come and
share with us the unique Amiga community and the synergies that
always occur at AmiWest.

Of course, you have to be here in person to get the full impact.
It's not all about program or hardware or software; it's about
people interacting. It's about the creativity that is the Amiga

So remember to make your room reservations at the Holiday Inn Cal
Expo, 2224 Auburn Blvd., here in Sacramento. We'll be looking for