Reserve Your Banquet Tickets NOW!

Our deadline with our banquet caterer is 5 days away. WE NEED
YOUR BANQUET RESERVATION NOW! Considering that our banquet
speaker and panel will be discussing Power Architecture and the
Amiga, AND our banquet menu is vastly improved as well, you need
to reserve NOW.

You see, without a reservation, you won't have a meal waiting for
you. And we need to know NOW so we can provide yours. After all,
the banquet tickets are only $20.00 each this year.

We want to include you. So go to, click the banquet
link, and make your reservation. You will receive a PayPal
invoice to pay for the ticket(s) that you reserve.

AmiWest 2013 is October 18-20, with the second annual AmigaOS
Programming Seminar October 16-18, at the Holiday Inn Express Cal
Expo, 2224 Auburn Blvd., Sacramento, CA. Use room reservation
code "AMI" (yes, all caps) to save $30.00 per night on your room