Java Developer's Kit

  • By: JAmiga
  • Posted on: 29 December 2013

Tiny update for Java developer's

On the JAmiga support forum on I've added a little note on a developer's package available on AmiUpdate:

On AmiUpdate you can find an update consisting of a few developer's files. There's a new Java compiler, a simple example, as well as documentation.

Just update your system, go to JAmiga:Documents/, and you're just minutes away from compiling your own applications.

I'll try to add more info on how you can use it with various third-party jar files.

New year's resolution?

I managed to get this tiny update out before the year has ended. Next year, I'll try to be better in getting stuff out there. Even it's only small things. I've been a bit too silent the last two months, but other things in life has taken up my time.

Over and out. And a happy new year!