PPCJITBETA01 (Happy New Year 2014)

First of all:

I wish all of you guys an awesome happy new year for 2014!

We made it this far, there was no nuclear holocaust yet, which is an amazing achievement for the human race considering our lovely nature. Well done.

And now something completely different, but almost equally exciting (probably for much less human beings, can't speak for aliens)...

I woke up in the morning and had a look at the clock and it showed me:


Yes, it is unbelievable, I know. After this long-long waiting finally here it comes.
And it even comes with bugs! Lots of it!

Now seriously, if you are interested in testing the PowerPC JIT then go and get your binary release from the SourceForge page:

Tiny catch: at the moment only the AmigaOS4 version is available. See below.

You might also need a previous distribution which includes all the tools, like transrom, mousehack, make-hdf, etc. I tried to compile these, but somehow the cross-compiling failed and I ran out of patience.

What is included in beta01?

Before you fire up your favorite Amiga software in the emulator, please DO READ the README file! It will save you (and me) lots of wasted time, I guarantee.

The very first thing I have to mention is that although I had done my best I was not able to finish implementing all the planned instructions. We are very close, according to the statistics 95.09% of the instructions (368 out of 387) are done.
The reason is quite simple: the recently implemented instructions were the most complex ones. Well, you know this is exactly why you must not procrastinate the hardest part of the job just because it makes you nervous even simply thinking about it...
I have spent days on implementing BFINS and the exception handling for division by zero and I am still not convinced that it worth the effort. Anyway...
The following instructions are still emulated by the interpretive:
  • long versions of the division and multiplication instructions (DIVU.L/DIVS.L, MULU.L/MULS.L);
  • compare against bounds instructions (CMP2);
  • all the decimal data handling instructions (ABCD, SBCD, NBCD, PACK, UNPK).

The comparison and the decimal data handling is not that important, but the long division-multiplication are used quite often.
So that is sill a sore point, yet I have decided that I will release the beta without these instructions to get some feedback.
The missing instructions will be implemented soon, probably in the next beta release.


What is new in the sources?


Fixes and more

Since my last update I have managed to complete some more instructions and lots of bug fixes (thanks to Philippe Ferrucci and Davide Palombo, who insisted to demonstrate the JIT compiling at Alchimie and Pianeta Amiga shows, so I had to fix the most obvious bugs).
I don't want to bore you with the details regarding the current changes, have a look at this update if you are interested.


Source alignment

Another important change was: I have merged the final sources for E-UAE 0.8.29 over my changes.
Many thanks to Michael Trebilcock (MickJT) for driving my attention to the fact that I was using an outdated source version (0.8.29-WIP4) instead of the latest from the CVS (dated to 20/08/2008).
For the changes please have a look at these two updates: original source, fix for audio.


The LED (round#2)

Philippe Ferrucci pointed out that sometimes it is hard to tell whether the JIT is available and working or not, in spite of the already available JIT LED.
He suggested that the LED might also indicate other states of the JIT compiling, and I had found that a really useful idea.
Now, you can identify three distinct states of the JIT compiling from the LED colors:
1. Blinking green with "JIT" text on it: JIT compiling is active and the compiled code is executed.
The level of green shows you how active is the JIT compiled code compared to the interpretive-executed. (Same as before.)

2. Solid red with "JIT" text on it: the JIT compiling was set up, but the processor cache is turned off by the currently running software in the emulator, JIT compiling is not done until the cache is not turned on.

3. Solid black without "JIT" text on it: due to the emulator configuration the JIT compiling is not available.
Either no code cache was set up or specified processor type does not support the processor cache.

Some help needed

Unfortunately, I have no idea how to compile the sources for other platforms than AmigaOS4. If you feel like you know enough about how to compile these sources please get in touch with me. I am looking for MorphOS, MacOSX PPC, Linux PPC versions especially, but any other supported platforms are welcome. (Thunder? Tobias? Mike? :)

If you feel like there is a bug and you want to report it badly then please DO READ the How to report a bug section from the README before you jump on your mail client. Thanks.

Final words

It is a good start for a year, isn't it? I hope I can keep up and finally you can enjoy the benefits of the JIT compiling on your PowerPC machine.