Back on j-uae again

Quite some time ago, I wrote here, that the j-uae v1.x line is dead and I will concentrate on bringing j-uae v2.x both to winUAE and ABI v1 level. This was the right idea, but there was simply not enough time.

So as Paolo reported some smaller bugs for j-uae 1.3, I promised to fix them, so up to now, the following is fixed in the v1.4 beta:

  • double file entries in directory listings, if the host folder path contains a ':'
  • in windowed mode, mouse now only moves, if window is active
  • if host system has no soundcard configured, but uaerc.config requested one, no more crashes happen (older versions tried to access Paula, which is not present in a x86/aros hist system of course)

And then I noticed, how bad integration works, if the guest system is AROS/68k and not AmigaOS/68k. You may of course argue, that integration always sucks, but at least AROS/68k should be on the same level as AmigaOS/68k.

So I started to build all the guest tools with the AROS-68k-gcc and noticed, that my code needs quite some modifications to build with it.

So finally I now have a build environment, that builds both AROS and AmigaOS 68k binaries with one simple 'make'. Also I fixed all warnings, so both are now building clean. Funny, that both gccs report different warnings, but both a right most of the time.

Especially the inline asm stuff caused me headaches, but now I got a quite clean implementation for the AROS part.

The old AmigaOS binaries did quite some tricks on AmigaOS (setpatch, hidden window closing etc), which don't work on AROS and which seem to be not necessary in AROS at all.Especially StartScreenNotifyTags with notifications like SNOTIFY_BEFORE_OPENWINDOW, SNOTIFY_BEFORE_CLOSEWINDOW etc. will avoid patching of OpenWindow and CloseWindow. We'll see, how well this works.

Also AROS menus are real windows, not some "magic" like in AmigaOS drawn directly to the screen bitmaps. This might make integration much easier, too. But I will have to rip out those features, if building for AROS, without causing any harm.

We'll see, how this all comes out. So SMP for AROS has to wait a little bit longer ;).