Marco Gregorio's Adventures to Unusual Places

If you're a fan of platform games then you may want to check out the recently released "Marco Gregorio's Adventures to Unusual Places", which was released towards the end of April.

Put together using game creation package "Backbone", the game spans 5 levels and features music from the Sounds Terrific MOD compilation, with author credits detailed in the game.

The tiles and sprites were created by English Amiga Board member amiman99, with the help of his friend. Tiles used were from a modified set originally created by fellow EAB member Cammy.

The game has been tested on an Amiga 1200 with a 68030 processor at 50mhz.

Check out the game in action, below;

You can run the game directly from hard drive. To do this just decompress it to HD and click on the Marco icon.

Amiman99 reveals a few tips and quirks about the game;

"1. Because there is a small problem with Backbone when you die over "Danger Area" like water, you will respawn to the beginning of a level and restart. So, you need to finish the level without dying. 

2. I limited [the] fire/throw axe speed, so it's harder to kill enemies. You can't just blast through enemies.  

3. You need to collect all items before advancing to the next level.  

4. In the Mayan level not all gates open.  

5. I used the same fire button to Throw and Open Doors. I found out that assigning [a] keyboard press to open the Door was disrupting the flow of the game. So, you can't shoot next to the door, you need to move away some before shooting."

To download the game point your web browser over to

If you'd like to join in discussion about the game then you'll want to check out this thread on the English Amiga Board.