Old Game Reviews by Filmnstuff on YouTube

Hi everyone,

Do you like watching reviews of old games? If yes, then you might like the videos on YouTube from the author Filmnstuff. His reviews are both straight to the point and honest. If a game sucks, he’ll tell you. ;) Sometimes he gets a bit agitated (contains profanity in a humorous context) so viewer’s discretion is advised. I’ve watched many of his reviews, for example of games like Top Gun, Predator, Back to the Future and Terminator 2. They are all entertaining, at least in my opinion, so hope you’ll feel the same.

Here is a link to his video-archive on YouTube:

Filmnstuff on YouTube

And here is (embedded) part one of his review of Terminator 2: The Judgment Day on Amiga.

If you have an opinion on the reviews of Filmnstuff or maybe another reviewer to recommend or perhaps you just want to write something, please feel free to post below. :) Thanks in advance and also thanks for visiting my blog.