I’ve made an icon set

Being able to radically change the look and feel has always been something I loved about the Amiga systems. No wonder, since Workbench 3.0 didn’t look pretty at all when you compared it to Windows 3.0:



I was of course not the only one dissatisfied by this. First SASG made MagicIcons, in the early 90’s, which made your system look really cool with just 8 colors:


And a little later Nicola Salmoria made NewIcons, and it looked great with it’s 32 colors. This was made possible thanks to cheap acceleration cards, cheap memory and the availability of graphic cards for the high end systems, making 32 color screens not dead slow anymore:


I would spend hours and hours adding, changing and looking for new icons, creating the coolest Workbench I possibly could.

Well, not much has changed for me with MorphOS. Not long after I got my first MorphOS machine in the early 2013 I found several nice sets of PNG icons made by Mattahan (AKA Paul Davey) called BUUF and GANT (released under the Creative Commons licence). It wasn’t perfect since it was made with Linux and it’s best known software in mind. But I did the best I could in order to make it look good with MorphOS.

Later, I started to make some icons myself based on a particular icon style of his. I showed it to some friends who said “I want that!”. It gave me the idea to create an icon set with a mixture of Mattahan’s and my own creations. It didn’t go far beyond the planning stage though.

I had a couple of days left before the end of my vacation when a friend and fellow MorphOS user, Metalmac, asked me if I knew of any good icon sets for his newly reinstalled MorphOS system. So I simply told him, without really thinking; “Wait a couple of hours. I will make an icon set and share it with everyone.” And I did.

It’s a nice feeling to actually do something for the MorphOS community besides donating money for bounties and developers. I’ve uploaded the icon set to MorphOS Files which is where you can find it (direct link).

This is a sample of what it looks like:


I made most of the hard disk icons. Just so you know :)

If it’s appriciated I will try to make more icons in the future. So drop me a line or a comment on this blog if you like this icon set.