Mplayer 6.4 userguide for AmigaOS4.1

LiveForIt-Mplayer 6.x requires: AmigaOS4.1 Final and Radeon™ HD v2.4 drivers from Hans/A-EON, to take full advantage of COMP, COMP_YUV and COMP_YUV2.


If you do not plan to upgrade just yet, stick with the older LiveForIt-Mplayer version 5.5. or be forced to use cgx_wpa, SDL or p96_pip.

Some useful information that only relates to LiveForIt-Mplayer 6.4 for AmigaOS4.1

Mplayer mymovie.avi –vo comp_yuv2:help

Shows a list of video output options.

Mplayer mymovie.avi –vo comp_yuv2:monitor=0

This opens up mplayer on monitor 0 or first monitor, when going full screen, no need for screen promotion in Workbench.

Mplayer mymovie.avi –vo comp_yuv2:monitor=1

This opens mplayer on monitor 1 or second monitor.

Mplayer mymovie.avi –vo comp_yuv2:nodma

Disables DMA, this can be used for debugging.
Image now writes directly to VRAM.

Mplayer mymovie.avi –vo comp_yuv2:nodri

Disables DRI, this disables DRI rendering, forces mplayer to draw things using slices.
(Many codecs do not support DRI)

Mplayer mymovie.avi –vo comp_yuv2:pubscreen=dopus.1

This should open mplayer window on public screen dopus.1

For general questions about mplayer you can find the Linux man pages on MplayerHQ useful