RESHOOT - Amiga Demo

Richard Löwenstein has been very busy working on RESHOOT, A brand new shoot´em-up for the Commodore Amiga (AGA) platform.

RESHOOT features: 
* Bullet Hell
* Modern Art
* Rythmbased Gameplay
* All Assembler
* Full 60 Hertz Framerate
* Flow Experience

A Shoot em up of Survival

A demo is available on Richards Patreon website 

The image below is the Ham-8 Splash screen

Other Links:

EAB Forums (join in the discussion and feedback here :))



It's always nice to be able to show some insight into the development of the game.  Below are some example animated sprites showing on the left the 3D rendered versions and the final game sprites (4 colours) on the right.

Tools Used:

- Photoshop (Mac)
Graphic Converter - (Mac)
(excellent converter for 24bit IFF files to then import into Brilliance II and save as Ham-8 files)

Game tested on a Mac using FS-UAE

Sadly, game not yet played on my A1200 (need to buy one of these - one day)