Amiga: Picasso96 sold to Individual Computers and Hyperion Entertainment

Hello folks,

News has spread concerning Picasso96. Turns out that it has been sold to Hyperion Entertainment and Individual Computers.

Here is the announcement as found on the Picasso96 website:

Picasso96 Announcement

After a 15 year hiatus without measureable progress we, Alexander Kneer and Tobias Abt, want to announce that Picasso96 has found a new home and owner effective January 30, 2017.

After long deliberations we have decided to sell the Picasso96 intellectual property to a joint ownership between Hyperion Computer Entertainment and Individual Computers GmbH (Jens Schönfeld).

We thought it best to sell the IP to a commercial endeavour to ensure that its further development is guided. After all, considering that we started the project as hobbyists, it now is way beyond the point that even a group of amateurs could boost further development on a spare time basis. Our own lives have moved on and now time is at a premium. We simply cannot support P96 as it should be. Individual Computers has the ressources to do that, which was the strongest reason we opted for Jens being part of the equation.

Hyperion and Individual Computers have assured us that they will continue to support both the classic Amiga and next generation systems as well. They plan to integrate P96 into upcoming new OS releases.

We are glad that the Amiga still has some life and a solid base of enthusiasts. Please show the new owners your support by buying licenses – especially if you haven‘t paid the shareware fee to us – and new products!