Rise of the undead: AmigaOS 3.1.4 released

In Amigaland, 3.1.4 comes after 3.9: 18 years have passed since the last update of AmigaOS3 - since yesterday you can purchase a new release, AmigaOS 3.1.4!

Gathering information from various sources (see end of article) it's assumed it has these features:

  • Support for large harddisks (HD_SCSI_CMD, TD_64 and/or NSD) and "super floppies"
  • Support for long filenames, pipes, softlinks, hardlinks
  • "DiskDoctor" program is back, upgraded and matured, recovers data from damaged floppies and harddisks
  • Native support for 68000-68060 CPUs, and a more robust auto-configuration process
  • many ROM modules and CLI/shell commands bugfixed and updated
  • Workbench updated, new Preferences editors in GadTools style, printer drivers and support tools updated
  • "edit" and "MagTape" removed
  • CrossDOS and CD-ROM filesystem updated, including multithreading and support for Rockridge, Joliet and UDF
  • new professionally designed iconsets (multicolor, classic 4-color)
  • new intuition.library provides window off-screen dragging (optional)
  • workbench.library and icon.library loaded from disk due to increased size

...and more.

No screenshots or reviews have surfaced yet. Judging from AmigaOS 3.1.4's features, it's unlikely it will run on 512K Amigas, but contrary to OS3.5 and OS3.9 the 68000 CPU is still officially supported. Also it looks like this version is meant to replace the OS3.5/OS3.9 branch of AmigaOS, though with a little work it's still possible to keep your existing OS3.5/OS3.9 installation intact, if you prefer.

In other words:

A physical set of 3,5" floppy diskettes and ROMs will be available shortly.