AMIGA Patreons who I support :)

It's really nice to give a little back to all the people who I appreciate in the Amiga Community.  I have a small patreon site and a few very generous people are helping my may Amiga dream come true.

 Simone Bevilacqua, deserves more patreon's with his wonderful selection of games. He caught my attention some time ago but was with his most recent game Blastaway being developed for the AmigaOS that persuaded me to help support him.

 Bjorn's Tiled Map Editor is open source but without it. Reshoot, Rygar, Iridium and other games would not be possible.  I made a recent suggestion to his fabulous Map Editor and the next day the idea was implemented, how awesome is that. I use his Editor everyday.

 I have known Richard for a few years now and have loved working with him on his Reshoot and ReshootR games.  It is an absolute pleasure and we are currently working hard on our next AAA Amiga game, more info coming soon.

I have followed Michael Parent's youtube and Patreon site and after today's twitch stream was so impressed that I needed to support this very passionate and professional man.  He works closely with Corey Annis and make a great team.

My little Patreon site :)