Building the Amiga 2000 Replica

This is a guide how to build the Amiga 2000 Replica.

(not not real “ReAmiga” even if some says so…)

Locator available at:

Projectpage:  (NOPE this is not mine as it is not my project!)

First as usual, I put on all passives: (and as usual I put in the electrolytes in the end!)


then as we all know by now: the powerled is an extremly important part of troubleshooting the amiga.
I actually temporary solder in a led:


Now add powerconnector and power on:


Now if this is so important? why? as it is bright aleady?  well it will get BRIGHTER and that is the key issue! (thats why troubleshootingposts and people say: powerled is on, doesnt say shit! it is the BRIGHTNESS that says stuff)
anyway lets go on. next part is to get the RESET to work:

so I add U805 (LM339), C814, C813 (22uF Capacitors), U607 (74LS08), U303 (74F08)

and XU1 needs to be here aswell.


Now we have a working Reset.

Next part is to get a sync from the videooutput:

Install the 23Pin DSUB for Videoout, 28MHz oscillator and Agnus.

IMG_1292 IMG_1293 IMG_1294

here you can see my monitor gives a VGA splash. (not all monitors does some just give a dark grey screen) and you can also see my oscilloscope shows a H-Sync signal.

now to get the machine to start DiagROM (I always build using it)

Add ODD CIA (U300)


also add U302 (74LS32), U500 (With DiagROM) amd the CPU:


If you poweron now.  after 1-2 seconds the powerled should flash! (YOU SEE!? NOW you notice why it is important! code runs and can talk to the CIA etc)

Now lets add stuff so DiagROM can putput data on serialport:

Add PAULA, U900 (74LS00), U103, U105 (72F245), U104, U106 (72LS373)
U304 (1488), Seriaport connector.

Now DiagROM will output serial data:


Now for Chipmem:

Add U540, U541 (74F244) and chipmem chips (I recomend sockets for memchips)


Also make sure you have the jumper correct:

J101 set to 1-2 for 512K chip and 2-3 to 1MB chip. REMEMBER that J500 must be also set correctmeaning if this is set to 1-2 for512K chip, close J500, if set to 1MB, J500 must be NOT-CLOSED!

So here is a list of jumpersettings: (1MB Chip, PAL)
J101 – 2-3
J500 – OPEN
J301 – OPEN (no DF1)
J300 – 1-2 (IF you are using ATX PSU set to 2-3)
J200 – 2-3
J102 – OPEN

Anyway memory installed:

Time to get a picture:

add CN206 (Yellow RCA) (for Black/White composite out)
U205, U206 (74HCT244)
Videot (text facing into board)

Now you should have video output.


to be able to control the machine add Gameports, Keyboardconnector, U305 (1489) (to get serial in to work) and U202 (72LS157)

here I have been bad and forgot to take photos..  sorry for that.

now get floppy up:
Add EVEN CIA (U301), U108 (74LS74), U203 (74LS38), Floppy connector, 23Pin DSub for external floppy

also add Parallelport.

time for audio:
U204 (LF347), C243, C233 (22uF)

now time to get IRQ to work:
U802 (74LS138), U803 (74LS08). U704 (74LS148)

<at this point kickstart should work>

time to get zorroslots up:
U600-U605 (74LS245)
U606 (74LS32)
and add Zorroslots.

the slots I got had too long pins so I had to trim them:


So I simply put a solderblob on each end of the connector to make it aligned, trim the pins and THEN solder on the rest:

So do this for all connectors:


Just add U107 (74F04) and videoslot connector.

and finally U801 (RTC), Y800 (32768Hz) and VC800

someday I will do a post how to trim the cap for RTC on Amigas. some other day. generally around 22pF is a “ok” value for the trim-cap..

Put on all electrolytes etc. all the rest.. and all done!