arSFSDoctor 1.1

arSFSDoctor digging deeper than before to find files from any partition not just AROS only..

New option added to go deep down into any part of the partition offsets and scan for.
AROS datatype images and elf executables atm..

There are toons of file types and formats to add but I am just adding amiga/AROS datatype images and elf executables.

I will add more file types if needed or if I get request.

It's a lot easier to just add datatypes because less work for me..

Most of my free time taken by this project and I do enjoy working on arSFSDoctor.

I am going to makesure AROS has fully working recovery application and I will add and update much as I can.

I will compile AROS 68k/64bit version as soon as I complete this project to pro level..

Do email if you want me to add any other filetypes you may need or lost and want to recover..