Articles from AmigaOneX

Underthreat - Amiga 16 colour Shootem up - WIP

A quick concept below of how a shoot em up for the Classic Amiga's I'm working on might look like with the limit of 16 colours at 320x256(PAL) (or 320x200 NTSC). Still working on palette optimisations :)

The graphics will be hand drawn all enemy animations will be created/rendering in 3d (Lightwave) and converted to the colour palette.   This project as with many others I'll play around with and research overtime.

Coming Soon - Amiga Game for 68k and AmigaOS

This project has been slowly cooking away over the last few months and something I have been wanted to do for many years.  (Complete a game on the Amiga and release it).

Here is a little tease of the 68k version.  

Game Concept - BoTrannis

Here is a concept for a game thats completely drawn with coloured pencils. 

 It's a simple game. You fly a little ship that shoots butterflies, collect the Jems, exit and advance to the next level. (The black lines are only for showing butterfly paths)