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CONCEPTS of the Past

CONCEPTS for different games that never quite made it past the Harddrive.

This post shows some concepts for games for different platforms, that never made it past concept stage (some for good reason). 

CONCEPTS of the Past - Fruity Caves

For a long time I have always enjoyed playing Boulderdash / Clone games and in particular Emerald Mines on the Amiga.

The screenshots vary from the initial Amiga design (16/32/256 colours) to a future Amiga/PC version.

Tower 57 - Kickstarter Project - for AmigaOS

A great Kickstarter game "Tower 57", needs more funds to be able to support our AmigaOS platform.

For more info please go here:

Tower 57 is a shooter, which plays in a dystopian art deco - cyberpunk world. Humans live in huge megatowers, surrounded by radioactive wastelands. Choose your mercenary, get in Tower57 and stop them from invading your hometower.

Underthreat - Amiga 16 colour Shootem up - WIP

A quick concept below of how a shoot em up for the Classic Amiga's I'm working on might look like with the limit of 16 colours at 320x256(PAL) (or 320x200 NTSC). Still working on palette optimisations :)

The graphics will be hand drawn all enemy animations will be created/rendering in 3d (Lightwave) and converted to the colour palette.   This project as with many others I'll play around with and research overtime.