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Stunt Car Remake

Few games are synonymous with the Classic Amiga than Geoff Crammond’s Stunt Car Racer which was released by Microprose way back in 1989.  Set on a stunt track, this game […]

Sim Coupé

Hands up all those who are familiar with the SAM Coupé?  In fact many of you reading this, particularly outside of Europe may on earth be wondering what was this […]


Today I am going to look at an emulator called OSMoSe which emulates the Sega 8-bit family of machines on our AmigaOS 4 machines.. The most well-known of the range, […]


Honestly, I sometimes get the impression that games for our beloved AmigaOS platform are like buses, you can wait absolutely ages for one to appear and when it does, so […]

Tower 57

I finally got the chance today to try out the full version of a long-awaited game, Tower 57, that I first heard about as a kickstart project back in mid 2015 […]

Neo Geo Emulation

I recently got the chance to attend the Play Expo in Blackpool which is a series of events which take place every few months around the UK aimed at the […]