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USB joypads and joysticks on the X5000

The X5000 benefits from having 6 external USB slots ready for plugging in all sorts of USB 2.0 compatible hardware from memory sticks to USB hubs to multi card readers.

The way I have my  X5000 system set up at the moment is that I always have the mouse and keyboard firmly plugged into one of the USB ports at the back of the machine.  One of the other ports I am using is currently being occupied by this rather neat looking Sandisk multi card reader:

Running classic software on the X5000

One of the main questions I get asked about my new machine and indeed any Next Generation Amiga machine (Amigaone XE, Sam 440, Sam 460/Amigaone 500, Pegasos-II or Amigaone X1000) is,  does it play all my Amiga software?

The good news is that as this is an Amiga machine, not only will your classic software run,  in some cases depending on the type of software you are trying to run, it will even run it in native.

Welcome to my blog on the Amigaone X5000

Hello and a warm welcome to my blog which will about my adventures with my brand new Amiga machine, the Amigaone X5000.

Wait a minute, did you say new Amiga machine, in 2017?  Well yes the Amiga is still around in 2017 thanks in large to the never say die attitude of its fanatical users and we even have new hardware to run our systems along with the latest edition of the operating system Amiga OS4.1 Final Edition which currently sits on update 1 as of December 2016.