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GODS Remastered – Into The Wonderful?

Gods Remastered was released late last year with nearly no coverage or hype and the reason why I didn’t mention it anywhere either was simple enough, it was only released for Steam and Xbox, you know, the two formats I care the least (Ok, Atari too) about.   The PlayStation 4 & Switch version came out […]


It Came From The Desert Remake. Episode 2

After the game announcement and presentation, here is the second episode of the remake, directly taken (with author permission) from the official web site. This second episode focuses on exploring new environments at first and then deals with another minigame, this time related to the deadliest enemies of the game: the giant ants. According to the […]


A Look At AmiTen’s Coco Banana

Coco Banana is AmiTen’s second full release Amiga game, it was released in December 2018, their first game (The Dream Of Rowan) was released back in December 2017. AmiTen is most likely best known for the controversy around their game releases the last few years, I won’t dwell too much into that as all I can […]


It Came From The Desert Remake. Game Announcement

As you guys know, this blog is mainly about Amiga, retro gaming and Sony consoles. Nonetheless, we always keep an open-minded attitude and our “radars” on to the spot and lock-on titles that we deem closely related to our main objectives or to our common past. Just as an example, we revied articles that were […]