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Inside my A4000T

The Amiga 4000T. Produced in very small numbers in the last few months of Commodore in 1994 before it went bankrupt, and briefly again by Amiga Technologies in 1996. I thought since I had the system opened up to fix an issue with the hard disk and sound output, I would share some photos of this heavily upgraded machine.

AmigaOS4.1 Games released and holiday

Today I thought some quick updates on some new AmigaOS4.1 game releases - Quake 2 High Definition Edition from HunoPPC on AmigaOS4.1 with Warp3D, The Secrets of Middle City Demo Version, and more.

First, a look at a upgraded Quake2 High Definition release from HunoPPC for AmigaOS4.1, which was quietly released recently.

It definitely improves the look of Quake 2 on AmigaOS4.1 with higher HD resolutions, but of course you need to have Warp3D working on your system.