Articles from Epsilon's AmigaOne X1000 Blog

My SAM 460CR has arrived

With the problems with my X1000 still being worked on at AmigaKit/Varisys, the past four weeks have highlighted to me how much I miss having the X1000 around.

As an update my X1000 board is now been handed over to Varisys (who make the X1000 boards) to work out what is happening with it.

X1000 Troubleshooting and Repair Part 1

As covered previously, I am having big problems with my X1000 after a Flash upgrade - it no longer boots. I thought it might be helpful today to explain a little more about what I was trying to do and what happened, and the troubleshooting steps I did so far, as it may be of assistance to other X1000 owners when troubleshooting their machines in future.

Time to move to Windows 8

I realised today (after some serious reflection) that I have been supporting the wrong computer platform for the last 30 years with the Amiga.

To be honest with myself I was really wasting my time, and so I have decided to go modern and move this blog to a new dedicated Windows 8 blog from today.