A501 coin-cell battery modification

The name "VARTA" strikes fear into the hearts of Amiga 500 plus, and A501 memory expansion owners: VARTA rechargeable batteries have been built into these devices, and with growing age are prone to leak green acid, damaging the printed circuit boards and other components.

Huenison + BOH & BOH Advance Collector’s Editions

Simone Bevilacqua (RETREAM) contacted me a while back regarding plans of running a second print of his Amiga OS4 games “Huenison, BOH and BOH Advance” and if I wanted to pre-order it as he knows that I collect Amiga games, and yes I am one of the guys which never got around to order them […]


The Games We Never Talk About: Land Of Genesis

The Games We Never Talk About (But Should) (TGWNTABS) is back again and this time we will talk about a rather new title (by Amiga standards), it came out back in 2000/2001 and it sort of never got the attention it deserved thanks to a very dwindling Amiga community. Land Of Genesis was developed by […]


Amiga 1200 new motherboard

While I intend to write about the duplicate board that is popping up in Amibay and Ebay soon, I did see this one and thought it was worthy of inclusion.

The Amiga 1200plus board, is multiple boards that fit together, providing various functionality depending on the module, and can be dropped into a real A1200 case (like the recent remakes of cases or originals):