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Amiga 500 A501 RAS/CAS dynamic ram timing

So I found myself looking at the dynamic ram timing with a logic analyzer attached to an Amiga 500.

I’m still learning all of this stuff, and after about 45 minutes, I gave up thinking that I was either too tired, or too dumb to catch on to this stuff.

AmiWest Banquet details confirmed

As of today, the AmiWest 2013 banquet price has been lowered to $20.00 per ticket!  We always have a good response to the banquet, and will probably have even more demand at this lower price.


Our new caterer is offering a three-entree meal (roast beef, fried chicken, and baked tilapia) in addition to a selection of vegetables, potatoes, green salad, and two desserts.  There are a few other things included as well , but I'm just doing this from memory.  I got too excited to wait for the official menu from operations officer Chuck Washburn.


36 Days To AmiWest 2013!

Yes, by actual count, there are 36 days left until the second
AmigaOS Programming Seminar commences. Then 2 1/2 days later,
AmiWest 2013 begins.

Many of us have spent a lot of time and energy preparing for you
to come and experience the AmiVerse at AmiWest 2013. So come and
share with us the unique Amiga community and the synergies that
always occur at AmiWest.

Of course, you have to be here in person to get the full impact.
It's not all about program or hardware or software; it's about

Amiga Galaxies: Classic Amiga, the source galaxy

Every  innovation  has  a beginning, a source.  So it is with the AmiVerse.
What  began  as  Amiga  and  is  now  Classic Amiga is that beginning, that

It was fun to work for a startup computer company in the 1970's and 1980's.
Commodore, Atari, Coleco (later named Sega), Sinclair, and many others took
the  plunge.  People stayed up all night (and sometimes for days at a time)
to "win" the race to introduce before some other company did.

The "Spirit" of Amiga

A universe is an expression of a vision. While many explanations
have been
advanced concerning the "vision" that originated the physical
those explanations center around a central thought. So, indeed,
does the

And what is that thought? Here is an explication of a vision by
architect Carl Sassenrath, published some time ago but still

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Sort the year !

I didn't update that blog in last year, but not because of nothing to write, just because blogs as they are is kind of time wasting: because to write normal posts you loose time which you can spend on all other necessary stuff. Still, just today have some motivation to do so, and want to sort what happens in this year from my side in terms of amiga related stuff.