A-EON Announces $1.2 Million Hardware Investment at AmiWest 2013

In the largest financial commitment in many years, Trevor Dickinson, Managing Director of A-EON, announced his company's commitment to invest $1.2 million USD in testing and manufacturing the latest Amiga PPC hardware.  The new mainboard, named the Cyrus Plus, will make use of the latest PPC processors (including one one its way to market) in its design.


Partner Amigakit are making arrangements worldwide for distribution of the new boards.  Interested parties should contact Amigakit through their website, amigakit.com.


AmiWest 2013 Show Sponsors and Exhibitors

Many thanks to our AmiWest 2013 sponsors and exhibitors!

Every year, many people put in countless hours of volunteer time
to make AmiWest happen. Without these people, this show would
never happen. And because of them, it happens every year. Here
are the groups of people that make AmiWest 2013 a reality. Thank
you one and all!


Twas the Night before Programming. . .

The second AmiWest Programming Seminar begins tomorrow,
16, 2013 at 5 PM. Led by AmigaOS Developer Team Lead Steven
Solie, the seminar promises to advance the skills of Amiga

Steve has an amazing grasp of Amiga programming, so much so
he has re-written the "C" language to make it more Amiga
efficient. Along with presenters Lyle Hazelwood and Paul
we hope that the event will be productive and encouraging for
all participants.