Installing Linux on the X5000

Upon reading the title of today’s blog you may be wondering why upon purchasing a very expensive custom-made motherboard primarily with the purpose of running Amiga OS on it, would you now be wanting to install a rival operating system?   Well, for those who were not aware, although the X5000 was designed with Amiga OS as the main operating in system in mind, it will also support other operating systems.

Driving games on the X5000

For those of you who read one of my previous posts on Rick Dangerous would have spotted a request for more driving games on Amiga OS4. As I use the online moniker of Outrun1978 on various Amiga forums, it should probably come as no surprise that I am a big fan of the racing game genre having been mesmerised from a young age by that big red Ferrari arcade cabinet that was Outrun by Sega.

Music playback on the X5000

Today has seen an update to the A-Eon Enhancer Software package that came bundled with my X5000 motherboard to the latest version 1.3.  Rather than cover what has been updated on this latest round of updates,  I thought I would look at a specific piece of software which comes with the A-EON enhancer pack that has been updated and which forms an essential part of the X5000 experience in terms of it being your main day to day use music player.

Cloanto releases Amiga Forever 7

New features include the ability to autostart the PC into any Amiga configuration, enhanced PowerPC emulation support, custom content folders and playlists, and a "playerless" title playback, preview and editing experience.

As always, "Amiga Forever" probably is the most complete Amiga emulation distribution: includes official Amiga ROMs and operating system, latest versions of WinUAE and WinFellow, applications, games, demos, videos, one-click player interface, ... (depending on "Amiga Forever" version/edition)

The Constantly updated Boing Bags

As many Amiga users know, After OS 3.9 was released around 2000, we were treated with two updates to it, Boing Bag #1 and Boing Bag #2.

While the community and other developers continued updating individual packages, drivers, libraries, etc, you had to piecemeal these together on your own.

Well for the past several years now, there has been a group attempting to take the hard work out of that process for users. The results were the unofficial Boing Bag 3 and 4.

RickD – New Amiga OS4.1 port

Amiga OS 4.1 users were greeted with a new game to play with this past week with the release of RickD, from HunoPPC who along with his team has gained notoriety on  the Amiga scene for a number of welcome ports to the platform. I say this is a new game to play with, but in reality, it is an […]

Janus-UAE2 (WinUAE port)

After a long break (and a long silence here), I returned to my WinUAE port. It still had no Picasso96 support, something which annoyed me a long time now. Problem was, that even everything looked ok (to me), as soon as the uaegfx monitor was added, it crashed. As both uaegfx and rtg.library are closed source, debugging it was a nice lesson, but lead to no results.

So I compared all uae generated 68k library and modeinfo structs with the fs-uae structs and (for me) everything looked ok.