March 2014

The Armiga Project

Hi guys,

Hope you all are well and looking forward to the upcoming spring. Had a good deal of sun yesterday, which was a blessing considering the rather dark and wet winter we’ve had so far this year, at least here in Northern Europe.

New address, and new library

  • By: JAmiga
  • Posted on: 23 March 2014

The original author of JAmiga, Peter Werno, has kindly redirected to this place. The jamiga2 at blogspot address will still function though. But its nice to know that people will find this new site, instead of the old when googling.

Updated Odyssey Web Browser

Earlier this week an updated version of the Odyssey Web Browser was released for AmigaOS 4.1 that includes HTML5 video and audio support! This means you can finally playback YouTube videos in the the web browser amongst other things. First impressions of Odyssey 1.23 are very good and despite the slow HTML5 video playback on my AmigaONE 500 it is certainly closer to being usable than Timberwolf.

Sketches for Original Core Design Logo Revealed

Posting on his Twitter feed earlier today, artist and videogame designer Simon Phipps revealed some of the early designs for the Core Design logo.
Core Design were responsible for bringing a stack of games to the Amiga including the Rick Dangerous series, Wolfchild, Heimdall's 1 and 2, the Chuck Rock games, and many, many more.

PPCJITBETA02 (The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship)

We have just arrived to another exciting milestone on the long road: all the important instructions for the initial release are implemented under the JIT compiling.*

Lots of bugs were fixed, the emulator is much more stable now than the initial beta release.

Some new features are added too: I have merged the SAM440EP/Flex support (thanks to Soft3) and the CGX overlay for MorphOS (thanks to Thunder and Fab). See configuration documentation regarding how to set the overlay up.

Mega Man Amiga - Video & WIP Download Link

UPDATE: When this was originally posted I mistakingly credited English Amiga Board member s2325 as being the developer behind this work in progress title. I have since been informed that this is not the case, and that the developer behind this is German Amiga user Reentier.

A huge hit on Nintendo's NES console back in the late 80s and early 90s, Capcom's Mega Man series of titles were extremely polished, fast-paced and absolutely rock hard.