October 2014

Pondering the AmigaOne x5000

So, it was about a year ago that we heard about the forthcoming Cyrus motherboard and the new machines that would be the successors to A-Eon’s x1000: The x5000 (5040 and 5020). The new motherboards would start with the dual core 2.0Ghz P5020 and allow the installation of the quad core 5040 2.4Ghz processor later when they became available.

Back from Japan & how to create a volume adjuster


As you may have noticed, I have not written anything on this blog for almost a month. This is not very untypical of new blogs: they appear, write a lot for a short while, fall dormant and die just about when people stop caring about it. I’m happy to tell you this is not the case here!

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