December 2015

New Year Countdown

To celebrate the upcoming New Year festivities we commissioned EntwicklerX to create a special CANDI animated Workbench to count down the hours, minutes and seconds to New Year's Eve wherever you are in the world. As usual Thomas and Frank have outdone themselves and the result is the Fireworks CANDI countdown theme.  All registered Workbench CANDI owners can download the Fireworks CANDI free of charge via AMIStore.

Merry Christmas!

So does Santa have a final WinUAE release for AROS?

Well, I don't know of course, but I don't have one, sorry.

The (quite painful) merge to 3.2.0 is now completed, I started picasso96 support (half-done) and just wanted to give you an update on the current state.

OS 4.1 Final Edition Classic finally available for download

When WinUAE started supporting PowerPC accelerator emulation, it wasn’t long before Support for AmigaOS 4.1 support was added.

Not long afterwards, Hyperion released the Final Edition of OS4.1 and lowered the cost to just 30 Euros. However, it was still physical media only, with no option for download-after-purchase like most other Operating Systems.

Cloato updated their Amiga Forever system to include the new PowerPC functionality, and just recently announced that they are now offering OS4.1FE for Classics available for download (SAM and other platforms not offered).

Amiga: Behold the Vampire! – Videos

Hello everyone,

Quite a few people in the Amiga community are looking forward to the release of the Vampire II board. Thought  I’d make a post with a few videos of it in action. Enjoy!

First up is an Amiga 600 running AmigaOS 3.5, as well as games:


One of the downsides of MorphOS’s compatibility with the classic Amiga is that a lot of it’s viruses is also compatible. The other day I got reminded of this and decided to check my system for viruses.

There isn’t a native virus checker, but for the same reason you can get Amiga viruses, you can also use some Amiga virus checkers. The one that is most up to date is from 2004 and is called VirusZ.