October 2012

Address Unknown

Finally all the normal addressing modes are done in this update. As I mentioned in the previous post: the final missing pieces were the 68020 (complex) addressing modes.
This took me lot longer than I expected. Not just because these addressing modes are complicated, but also because memory reading is involved.

v1.3 coming closer..

Sorry for not blogging so much anymore, but time is a limited value these days ;).

Paolo keeps me pushing for a new version, so you have to thank him. Otherwise I would be too lazy most likely.

So far quite a few bugs have been fixed for the next version:

JamVM running, albeit with a limp

  • By: JAmiga
  • Posted on: 4 October 2012

I've been battling with pthreads and signals. I couldn't seem to get Amiga processes and signaling system to function correctly using a simple pthread mapping. I should've figured this, since there is no simple pluginable replacement. There is the AmigaOS 4 pthread implementation, but it doesn't seem to take signals into consideration.