March 2018


Honestly, I sometimes get the impression that games for our beloved AmigaOS platform are like buses, you can wait absolutely ages for one to appear and when it does, so […]

Spencer Just Jumped Out Of Nowhere

Entwickler-X is finally back , this time with a 2D/3D pseudo platformer for Steam & AmigaOS4x. At first glance the game style looks quite a bit like Tin Toy Adventures and the likes from the mid 90s, that is until you move around and notice the camera and depth added. The playable demo kicks off with some sparkling graphics and it didn’t take long to notice how much effort was put into...


Tower 57

I finally got the chance today to try out the full version of a long-awaited game, Tower 57, that I first heard about as a kickstart project back in mid 2015 […]

"Traces" - "Blender" was born on Amiga

Did you know "Blender" had a precursor? And it's Amiga software?

3D artist and photographer Piotr Zgodziński has held an interview with Ton Roosendaal, original primary author of the well known and widely used "Blender" 3D graphics software, and published an article, including the interview, some Blender history, and information about "Traces" - the earliest precursor to Blender, made on Amiga!

It's a very interesting article, with lots of screenshots of "Traces", and maybe best of all: usage instructions, executable and sourcecode!

We are Amiga!

I can't believe it's already March, just where has the time gone? I suppose a trip to Athlone to attend the Amiga Ireland 2018 Meetup in mid January helped to soak up some of the time.