July 2021

Antstream Arcade is fun

Hi everyone, In the latest issue I received of Amiga Addict (not the newest one), I read about a Super Cars II tournament on a service called Anstream Arcade. Got a bit curious, so decided to download the client and give it a go. That is something I do not regret, because it turned out […]

Unboxing The Turbo Sprint Big Box

I did a game review of Turbo Sprint at launch (which scored a high 8 out of 10), a game I still play a lot even though I played it way too much before launch lol (tester). The box came a few weeks ago but today is the first day that I actually got a […]


Boing – A New French Amiga Magazine

Hi everyone,

While browsing Amigaworld.net today, I came across some news about a new Amiga magazine being made in France. It is called Boing and the first issue is now available for pre-order. Delivery is scheduled to the middle of July.

AmigaOS 3.2 Native Developer Kit updated, release 3

Hyperion and the team of AmigaOS 3.2 developers show their dedication with an updated release of the Native Developer Kit.

The new NDK was released on June 30th 2021. According to the file description, it improves compatibility with different compiler environments. Also there seem to be "strategic" changes, simplifying future updates (see "ReadMe" picture below).

Fallout Shelter and Skyrim Special Edition

Hi everyone, What games are you currently playing? As for myself, I’m playing through the special edition of Skyrim via Xbox Game Pass right now. Have played this game quite a bit in the past, but seeing it available with updated graphics for free on Game Pass made me want to give it another try. […]