December 2018

STARQUAKE – On The Amiga

Stephen (Steve/Steven) Crow is most likely a name some of you have heard a few times in the past and this is for a reason, his games had a certain style and some say they even had magic in them and even more think of his games as if they are the best of its […]


Dad Make Pressie For Son – Santa Vs Dinos

I saw something very special a few days ago, no it wasn’t Santa but it was almost as good as that, it was a post from Daniel Lakey that announced the release of a brand new game for the Amiga. What was so special about this was that he made this game for his son […]


Building the ReAmiga from scratch. Part3

So lets add memory.  This is also a quite tricky part of the ReAmiga project as the distance between the chips is making it harder to handsolder.

This is how I am doing it:
First I tin all pads:


Add flux ontop of it and put a memorychip on U18 (thats the location of the top).

ReAmiga 1200 Erratapost

This is the Errata post of the ReAmiga project.

DO Check this post if you are doing soldering of ANY revision of the ReAmiga. as this page might change if stuff is found etc.

it works like this:  in the title I write what I fond as issues.  so if you have a Rev 1.0 board. you need to read the 1.0 header.  do those fixes. AND also add fixes for 1.1, 1.2 etc..  (unless mentioned in the text)


ReAmiga Rev 1.0 TESTVERSION (note this is the TESTVERSION it have this also printed on the PCB! to NOT mix with the released Rev 1.0)

Zork 1. The Great Underground Empire Review

I’ve always been a diligent student, so my parents never complained if I was spending too much time in front of my Commodore 128. After all, it actually was the mid-’80s and I was attending a tech school to get a diploma in computer science. Other kids were not as lucky since it is indeed […]


Sigh.. Phase5 .. AGAIN

Well I know I told I would not write more about Phase5..

Just a quick update.

Salvador. the “owner” that also have been banned from Facebook. (both personally and companypage)

he have done (C) strikes about me on FB from fake accounts and Youtube.  I have reported those claims as fake. but it is hard to talk to something else than BOTs..

So videos of me sanding the bppc PCB showing it is lacking connected ground etc is removed.

HOWEVER!  they are all saved:  so links to them from my local own server:


Amiga Inc - My history with them

Tis the season to be jolly :) Around 2008 I remember fondly working with "Amiga Inc" on a few projects and here is a little teaser of my work with them. This information though might only be available members of my Patreon :) 

The chicken is back: "Tiger Claw" released!

If you don't remember "Bruce Lee" from the Commodore 64 you shouldn't even be here. If you do, on the other hand, rejoice!

Ok, if you don't remember "Bruce Lee", you're of course still free to rejoice, too: One of theee classic C64 games of all time has been remade as "Tiger Claw", originally for the C64, and is now being commercially released for the Amiga! (And Windows, MacOS, Linux, btw.)