January 2018

Retrospective: Banshee

The Amiga certainly had its fair share of brilliant shooters over the years,most people mention games like Apidya, Hybris, Blood Money, Project X or Battle Squadron as their number one Amiga shoot ’em up, all splendid titles but very few people mention any of the brilliant AGA exclusive shooters like Banshee, Super Stardust, T-Zer0 and so on. Core Design made a few shoot em ups for the Amiga...


Rarest of the rare: The Commodore Amiga CD1200

The arrival of CD-technology for personal computers caused a huge shift in software development and user experience. The added storage capacity led to a hugely increased amount of content delivered with a software title. Gone were the days of swapping floppy disks, now a single CD could deliver everything required, and much more. CD was everything and everywhere.

Wipeout 2097

Apologies for the lack of posts over the last month, what with a trip to the US last month, coupled with work commitments and of course the busy Christmas period, […]