October 2015

Very good WinUAE tutorial videos

Someone named AmigaSystem on the English Amiga boards has been making some recent videos that are very good if you want to enable some of the newer WinUAE features.

Here’s one that shows how to set up the new bridgeboard emulation:

Mind sweeped

  • By: JAmiga
  • Posted on: 30 October 2015

Today I'm playing a game of Minesweep. I never really got the hang of that game, but I'm hoping that one day we might be able play some more intriguing games. On the Amiga, using JAmiga!

Download Statistics

First of all I want to thank all the brave downloaders, I would not have expected so many downloads ;-).

sf.net records some statistics, interesting is the Operating-System chart:

New Amiga OS hardware

So, currently, we have ACube’s SAM460cr and A-Eon’s x1000 Nemo board that came be purchased today. We’ve heard that the x5000 from A-Eon is on the way as soon as Amiga OS4.2 is fully ported, and Individual Computers will be releasing an Amiga 1200-ish replacement motherboard.


So what have I been work on lately, for some time now I have been working again, so less hours to experiment and work on things, actually feel the need turn off the computer sometimes.

Anyway, I'm a geek and geeks can't turn off the computer for too long before curiosity takes over.

Lately I have been investigating curves, I know what you are thinking, and It's not that, I'm not stupid, I know keep my distance.

I'm talking about other types of curves, or mathematically draw curved lines.