April 2014

Uri's messing with my forks

  • By: JAmiga
  • Posted on: 26 April 2014

I'm still stumped on the URI handling. Some mauve tests tries to assert the correctness of the URI and URL, returned by the two methods toURI(), and toURL() of a java.io.File object (where the latter is now deprecated, in favour of the first one). However, the mauve tests cannot be correct, since it for the URI thinks a corect result is the path appended with a file separator, and for the URL result doesn't want the file separator. I.e.

Tests in progress

  • By: JAmiga
  • Posted on: 23 April 2014

Mauving forward (have I already used that pun...?)

I'm, as always, continuing my mauve testing. I might just spot stuff, that might make other stuff run.
I've been at this previosuly, but I'm now re-iterating the java-io tests. My progrss so far? See for yourselves:

Using AROS/m68k as a j-uae guest system works

Just to give you a short update, most of the problems with AROS/m68k coherency should be gone now (at least on my system). Of course Paolo will find some heavy bugs, as soon as I send him the new version ;). The only smaller thing not supported yet are window shapes, most noticeably on popup menus.

You will have to use the same theme both on AROS/host and AROS/guest, but then you should not really notice any differences between them.

Found a Amiga 600 keyboard

Following on from my first blog entry, I am getting an Amiga 600 to work on a new project to upgrade it.

As part of this, I already know that I need to fix the keyboard which is in terrible yellowed condition.

Fortunately I have located a much whiter keyboard on Ebay today, which I have also purchased and awaiting it's delivery from overseas.

I include some photos of this item from the seller's listing since I don't have it yet - can't wait to install it in the Amiga 600 when I get both of them!