October 2023

AAA Technology – A1222+ Complete Configurations

Hello, Today, while browsing for information about everything AmigaOS 4 related for the monthly round-up, I noticed that AAA Technology had announced a complete A1222+ configuration for pre-order on their Facebook page. AAA Technology states on Facebook that the A1222+ motherboard comes in a small tower with a 4 GB memory module (SoDDR3), 240 GB […]

Zool The Ninja From The Nth Dimension Is Back

I basically rushed straight onto the PlayStation Store When Zool ReDimensioned got released. Always been a huge Zool fan. How is this school project remake compared to the Amiga classic then? Find out what I thought of it by visiting the Amiga Guru's Gamerblog...


Amiga38: A1222+ Pre-order From AAA Technology

Hi everyone, As many of you know, the Amiga38 event took place in Mönchengladbach, Germany, last weekend. Trevor Dickinson of A-EON Technology held a speech there, which you can watch in the video below: Visitors at the event could test the A1222+ computer at the stand of AAA Technology. They could also sign up for […]

Reshoot Proxima 3 launch today

Finally we get some news about hardcore shoot-em-up "Reshoot Proxima 3".

And it's great news. The long awaited sequel to "Reshoot R" (and "Reshoot") is ready for launch - "Spieleschreiber" Richard Loewenstein and team have just put a new trailer video on their YouTube channel: