More and more Amiga users/enthusiasts create their personal blog where they write interesting articles describing their beloved Amiga computer and guides on how to do things, based on their personal experience. Unfortunately, many of these articles are doomed to be invisible to readers, because it is lost among many other articles in the web. As a result the blogger loses his interest on writing new stuff.

We had the idea to create AmigaBlogs.net, were the visitor can read interesting articles and discover a blog that he never knew it's existence. We collect all the latest posts talking about Amiga computers and AmigaOS from various blogs. We do not want to steal anyone's work but to help the bloggers to promote their content to a global website with a broader and more targeted audience.

None of the included articles was authored by our team, as these are property of their respective authors and owners. That's why we provide in all the articles the blog name with a link to it. We also provide the blog post original link at the end of the texts. We never edit the texts or the images of the articles, and this means that we are not responsible for their content and we do not totally agree with all of them.

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