v1.3 coming closer..

Sorry for not blogging so much anymore, but time is a limited value these days ;).

Paolo keeps me pushing for a new version, so you have to thank him. Otherwise I would be too lazy most likely.

So far quite a few bugs have been fixed for the next version:

  • sprite collision settings in gui now work
  • Starting j-uae with a -f option should not slow it down anymore 
  • -f parameter is now evaluated before anything else is initialized with the possible wrong default values
  • coherency: fixed AROS screen titles of windows, which don't have one
  • mouse bugs with AROS/68k (unable to select menus etc.) fixed for no-coherency mode

New features:

  • backups of config files are now stored to .backup files, not ~ anymore
  • default config file is now fetched from PROGDIR:uaerc.config no just from uaerc.config
  • default config file is not loaded anymore, if -f is specified
  • "Really Quit" requester, when uae main window is closed.

There is still stuff to do (for Paolo..), but I am working on it. If you have (smaller!) issues, which you always wanted to have fixed, now is a good time to tell me. But no promises as ever ;).