Updated a new version of Excalibur today.

Updated a new version of Excalibur today (V1.1.3).

I have been sick a few days after my Italy trip, topically the first day back to work, and you get the flu, anyway that's all over now, the pictures from Italia trip is on my Facebook, so I'm not going to post them here.
I have done few adjustments to Excalibur, nothing to too dramatic, I think I wrote on blog some weeks back some of what did, I hope every one likes the changes, and I hope it runs as it should, I most admit there are lots more to be done, but what's is the point of siting on my changes until every thing is in place, then no one will have opportunity to use my application.
One more thing I forgot note in the changes document was Excalibur now close when you change screen resolution, and reopen when new resolution is opened.