May 2014

Tales of Gorluth - Demo Version and Pre-Order

Featuring over 5 hours of gameplay, 64 colours on screen at once and over 40 pieces of music, this Zelda-like RPG surely pushes the Backbone game creation system to its absolute limits.

The game, which has taken over a year to develop, is now in the closing stages of completion, and with that opportunities to download a demo and pre-order the full release have now arisen.

Visit for more information, download links for English and German demo versions, and for pre-order details.

Assist 1.9

Assist 1.9 is now available to download from OS4Depot. This new release makes use of Tuomas Hokka's  recently released 'Download' tool. This gives Assist a progress bar for downloads and removes the need for wget to be installed to download files that could not be downloaded with Hollywood's internal function.