v0.8 releasedjanus-uae v0.8

v0.8 released

janus-uae v0.8 hit the archives: janus-uae.i386.tar.gz

This is the first "stand alone" release since v0.3, all previous versions were "development snapshots" for distributions etc.

New compared to v0.7 is (at least):

  • minimum blit size is increased to 64 bits, whenever possible to avoid noveau slowdowns
  • window border gadgets are now done as AROS gadgets, no more ugly os3 window border gadgets, wherever possible
  • fixed a sound buffer overflow bug of e-uae
  • fixed mouse pointer hide bug
  • fixed many race conditions (I hope all of them)
  • fixed mouse pointer trails bug (use supplied winUAE rtg.library)
  • hotkey to show/hide GUI at any time
  • load/save different configurations
  • display current config file in about tab
  • removed ugly gtk menu
  • quit gui without running amigaos first should not crash anymore

This is still no v1.0, so I await your bug reports.

I hope, this version is stable enough, so I can relabel it as "v1.0" and claim the bounty. If not, well, there is still room for a v0.9 ;).