Yesterday i publish

Yesterday i publish one more aos4-programming related article, where i cover some low-level stuff such as: ppc assembler in brief, programming on assembler on os4 in different ways, disassembly, debugging, ELF file internals and ELF loader internals (all of course in meaning of os4, as its topic of article), differences beetwen different libc realisations, and some other bits here and here.
Article are not for newbes, but for someone who have basic coding skills. Even better to have exactly "coding", not "programming" skills. Old-scholl hackers can find it interesting to read.
You can read article on HERE , or download PDF with all the samples included HERE
Bit thanks going to Trixie , who do pretty hard work to fix my english grammars and rephrase some parts where it was necessary, and to Frank Wille (yeah, VBCC author) for his never endles, never egoes, and never tired help.