A600: Picasso96 via Indivision ECS!

Hey peepz,

Busy weeks those have been but I was around the usual forums checking around and testing new stuff.

The previous weeks were exciting cause Symplex (Lutz D.) created an pseudo RTG driver that uses Indivision ECS via Picasso96 RTG system for our beloved Amigas!
What started as a joke on 1st of April evolved pretty quickly into something really nice with great potential :)

As we exchange PMs with Symplex on a1k.org, I was testing thoroughly the driver and it's update versions supplying photos and videos along with info to try help him out understand what was going on with my system.

The initial versions didn't work on my system, but after some updates... yesterday the newest driver worked on my System as well \o/

I made a quick video to share with other people over Amibay/EAB and A1K.org which you can check as well bellow

After some requests from Amibay, I thought of trying this driver under my heavy modified ClassicWB 3.1 Full installation. I was certain that the system would be really slow cause ClassicWB is by default more heavy than a stock 3.1 installation due to many patches and Scalos. I had to try though :)

You can check from the video below a test of mine using my own installation to a clone CF.

As I thought, speed isn't that great, but it's not as bad as I'd thought it would be! Really impressive stuff tbh :)

To be able to understand the difference between speeds between this beta driver and my current stable 800x600@8 installation using Ratte's SuperPlus driver you can check the video below

Awesome work Symplex mate. I hope this driver will get more advanced and more quick overtime \o/