HUGI 37, for AmigaOS4, AROS and MorphOS

Few post early, i talk about some russian diskmag (oldgames7), which are based on the panorama engine done by Crhis Dragan, which lately was ported to the SDL/Freetype/etc by Ransom (Ransom was a member of some old and welknown in the past in amiga demoscene group IRIS (they do Eurochart and tons of quality demos)). He and Crhis kindly give me the sources of all their stuff, and so i port it to os4/mos/aros, what mean that any diskmag based on the Panorama will works on any of our amiga oses.  And "oldgames7" was kind of first cross-platform test. 

So, few days ago, HUGI 37 was released. HUGI is very old and wellknown diskmags which till the issue 34 was avail for Windows only, but since i have good contacts with authors (currently its Magic who works on hugi mostly, together with Adok) i annoy them to release amiga versions as well.  Issue 34/35/36 are avail for amigaos4 only, but now AROS time is coming as well ! (for morphos there was also some port back in past).

To be honest, you can use with the current .exe any version of hugi starting from the very old issues when panorama start to be use (i think its around 15-16 or co). Through till issue 34 there wasn't a lot of amiga articles. But when Magic take a rule on diskmag, its start to be filled with more scene related content and with many (in compare with previous issues) amiga related articles.  
Issue37 is intersting to read for some oldschool diskmag fans, but if you want jump to amiga articles only, then you can check those ones:

from HeadLines

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from Interviews

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Issue37 also have a lot of good and quality music done by real proffesionals, specially for that diskmag. To add , issue have a lot of good design, art and any kind of articles, reports and interviews. Just take a look on how it looks like (screens from aos4):
You can download amiga version of diskmag (i.e. that one, for aos4/mos/aros) here:
Enjoy !