New Amiga 3000, 4000 68k and PPC cpu card!

Gideon Zweijtzer and Rutger Bevaart have announced they are working to develop a new 68040 and PPC CPU card for the Amiga 3000(T) and Amiga 4000(T) computers.   The board will be named “Ultimate PPC”.  They already have a development board built!






It will feature the following specifications:

  • 33MHz 68040 CPU
  • 1.0GHz Freescale PowerPC CPU
  • 128MB of DDR3 memory for the 68040
  • An additional 2GB of DDR3 memory on an SO-DIMM
  • USB2 host controller with integrated 4 port hub
  • SATA2 controller with two SATA ports
  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet controller
  • Embedded 2D video with DVI connector

Further information, photos, and a FAQ is available on their website at

They hope to gain support of AmigaOS 4.1 Classic and MorphOS for their new hardware, but that will require support from Hyperion and the MorphOS teams respectively.

I would urge users interested in this card to contact Hyperion and/or the MorphOS team to let it be known that you would purchase an operating system license for the Ultimate PPC hardware.